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Media and Communications Policy

Learn more about EKF Charity organization and our mission to make a positive impact on the world through our charitable initiatives

Effective Date: October 24th, 2022

This Media and Communications Policy ("Policy") of the EKF Charity" or "the Foundation") is established to provide comprehensive guidelines for the management, distribution, and control of all media and communication activities. EKF Charity, deeply appreciating the paramount importance of effective communication, is firmly committed to ensuring consistency, accuracy, and transparency in all its media and communications endeavors.

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Media and Communications Policy is threefold:
1.1  To define clear-cut procedures for managing and distributing media and communication materials, ensuring a structured and organized approach.
1.2. To ensure that all media and communication activities align seamlessly with the Foundation's overarching mission, values, and strategic objectives, serving as a seamless extension of its core purpose.
1.3. To promote and foster a coordinated, cohesive, and consistent approach to all media and communication efforts, reinforcing the Foundation's brand and message.

2. Definitions

In clarifying key terminologies for a shared understanding:
2.1 Media: This encompasses any form of mass communication, encompassing press releases, social media platforms, publications, and public events.
2.2. Spokesperson:
Designated individuals who bear the authority to represent the Foundation in interactions with the media and public.
2.3. Confidential Information:
This term denotes information that is not intended for public dissemination and should be vigilantly safeguarded to preserve the Foundation's integrity.

3. Media and Communication Team

EKF Charity recognizes the indispensable role of a dedicated Media and Communication Team, responsible for strategizing, executing, and vigilantly monitoring media and communication activities.
3.1. The team will be thoughtfully composed to include a Media Manager and a designated Spokesperson. These roles will be distinct, well-defined, and comprehensively aligned with the Foundation's objectives.

4. Approval Process

For the sake of consistency, accuracy, and message alignment:
4.1 All media and communication materials, spanning press releases, publications, and public statements, must undergo a rigorous approval process supervised by the Media and Communication Team.
4.2. The Media Manager will act as the vanguard, meticulously ensuring that all content is not only accurate but, more crucially, profoundly aligned with the Foundation's mission and unwavering adherence to this Policy.

5. Spokespersons

The appointment of designated Spokespersons is a pivotal aspect of the Foundation's media and communication strategy.
5.1 Solely individuals accorded the designation of Spokespersons are vested with the authority to represent EKF Charity to the media.
5.2. As part of their commitment, Spokespersons will receive comprehensive media training to ensure the effective conveyance of the Foundation's message in all interactions with the public and media.

6. Social Media and Online Presence

EKF Charity is deeply committed to maintaining a professional, cohesive, and consistent online presence.
6.1. This extends to our engagement on social media platforms and the official website, maintaining an unbroken extension of our brand and message.
6.2. Social media content will be meticulously aligned with the Foundation's brand guidelines and vigilantly managed by the Media and Communication Team to ensure that it serves as a harmonious reflection of the Foundation's values and mission.

7. Confidential Information

The safeguarding of confidential information is non-negotiable.
7.1. Both the Media and Communication Team and every designated Spokesperson are categorically prohibited from disclosing confidential information to the media or the public without proper authorization.
7.2. Any breach or unauthorized release of confidential information will be addressed firmly and may result in appropriate disciplinary action.

8. Crisis Communications

EKF Charity recognizes the importance of maintaining robust crisis communication protocols.
8.1. A crisis communication plan will be thoughtfully developed to guide responses to media inquiries during emergencies or crises, ensuring transparency and accuracy in communication.
8.2. Spokespersons will be rigorously trained to adhere to crisis communication protocols, ensuring the Foundation's message remains consistent and reassuring during challenging times.

9. Respect for Privacy

Respecting the privacy of individuals and organizations is paramount.
9.1 EKF Charity is firmly committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and organizations in all media and communication activities, ensuring that sensitive information remains safeguarded and secure.
9.2. The use of personal information will strictly comply with relevant privacy laws and will only occur with proper consent and diligence.

10. Annual Review

The commitment to an ongoing process of improvement is integral to this Policy.
10.1 The Chairperson and Secretary of EKF Charity are charged with the annual review of this Policy. Their assessment will include a thorough evaluation and, if necessary, revision of this Policy to ensure its continued effectiveness and strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

11. Acknowledgment

This Policy is formally approved and adopted on October 24th, 2023, and stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining a comprehensive, organized, and aligned approach to all media and communication activities.

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